Toscanos in the News

Damond Huard
Scores Big at
Passing Time
Wine Dinner!

What happens when you mix a former
NFL quarterback with a knowledgeable
and passionate wine enthusiast? It seems you get Puyallup's own Damon Huard!

Huard hosted a fun and successful wine dinner at Toscanos, featuring selections from his "Passing Time" winery.

Passing Time was founded by NFL quarterbacks Dan Marino and Huard. It
has been a dream project for them since their playing days together in the NFL.
The reality of this dream is a winery that produces highly acclaimed Cabernets
from some of Washington states most renowned vineyards.

 Wine Society Certification

Executive Chef, Tom Pantley, receives
Wine Society Certification. Our resident
wine geek
is now our certified wine geek.
 Executive Chef Tom Pantley was recently
certified as a "Specialist of Wine" by the
 Society of Wine

This title is awarded to people who
complete a rigorous course of study
regarding wine knowledge
and mastery of key elements within
the worlds of viticulture and wine pro-
duction. This certification is widely
recognized and regarded by the
international wine and spirits industry.
 Chef Pantley hopes this will be a first
step to eventually
becoming a Sommelier.

Congratulations Chef Tom!