Community Involvement

Thank you Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks for coming to our special dinner event. Your presence helped to raise over $5,400 for Puyallup's Children's Therapy Unit
at Good Samaritan Hospital. A great
gesture of giving back to the community!

Toscanos Believes in Giving Back
to the Community

Since our opening more than 5 years
ago, Toscanos has given more than $200,000
to Multi-Care's Good Samaritan Children's Therapy Unit. The "CTU" is dedicated to
helping infants, children and adolescents
who have special needs. These needs
include cerebral palsy, sensory processing disorders, genetic syndromes, autism
spectrum disorders, muscular dystrophy
and more.

Toscanos has raised these funds mainly
with a gala auction. Vendors donated
products, the entire staff worked for free
and community members and local cele-
brities pitched in. One hundred percent
of the proceeds went to the Multi-Care Children's Therapy Unit.

"When my management staff and I toured several different types of children's charities, the Children's Therapy Unit really tugged
at our heartstrings. All of us said, this is the place. They help kids be kids and we love
what they do,"
states Sue Walker, Owner
and General Manager.

Toscanos Guests Donate
$15,000 for
Puyallup's CTU

Thank you to the generous guests of
Toscanos who contributed to our Cash4Kids promotion. During the
recent holiday season, over $15,000 of donations have been raised. These donations are going to the Mary Bridge Children's Therapy Unit at Good Samaritan Hospital. Puyallup's CTU is a world-renowned center for helping children who have special developmental and neurologial needs including cerebral palsy, sensory processing disorders and muscular dystrophy.

Through Cash4Kids, Toscanos guess
were asked to round up their guest checks to donate to CTU. Many guests also added larger donations to their restaurant tab. During our 12 year relationship with the CTU, Tossanos, through the continued support of our guests, has raised over $350,000.

Toscanos Cash4Kids promotion proves again that Puyallup has a big appetite...for helping others!